Keeping The Turf Clean, Smooth And Green, Without The Surf

You can either sink or you can swim. Most cool experienced surfers get this right. They are able to stay above the waves.  Sometimes they even get to make their own waves. But what does this have to do with the green, green grass of home? Or rather men and women’s playing fields all across the land – the bowling greens, the golfing greens, the soccer pitches, the famous NFL turf, even tennis courts (although that seems to be rare these days) – any one for lawn tennis then?

The fact is; if you’re not using a powerful mower, cleaner and cutter like the ventrac 4500z that many fine, professional grounds men are using these days, you could just end up surfing across your own turf, and even sinking, figuratively and literally. There’s more to using these efficient driving devices than just cutting the lawn if you will. Due to the nature and preciseness of most professional sports, green lawns need to be immaculately conditioned.

Yes, like going to a hair stylist to doll up your hair. Or rather, the good old fashioned barber for the clean and cut make and trim. Which number would you like, sir? Natural irrigation systems also need to be protected, and it makes good business sense to only use mowing, cleaning and cutting devices of top drawer quality.

ventrac 4500z

Doing the work yourself is always going to be a challenge. A best practice will always be to employ certified grounds men or horticulturists to take care of the preparation of your greens on your behalf and especially on behalf of your club members. They have come to your club to relax and unwind through the playing of sport, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to bump and grind over, well, bumps and grinds.